Welcome to SpeedReader


You have found the speedreader project. A program to build a pluggable swing based speed reading program.

We have an initial prototype which you can download from here. Type java -jar speedreader-20041110.jar to get started.

If you have Apache Ant installed then you can simply download this build.xml file and type ant. This will checkout the latest source from CVS automatically. Type ant -p for other build options.


At present you can download or open text files from places like Project Gutenberg. If you copy and paste the following text http://www.gutenberg.net/dirs/etext98/pandp12.txt into the URL bar (as shown in the image below) and hit enter, you will begin to download "Pride and Prejudice" for later reading

SpeedReader screenshot

Once the document has loaded you can click on Read change the Font Size and fiddle with the Speed Selector.

We aware that it is prototype quality at present and somewhat limited. For example, you can only really read documents with the 'txt' extension. The true value of the prototype has been in eliciting requirements, many architectural and design changes are planned.

The initial prototype can also be run from Java Webstart.


The best way to begin is to join the developer mailing list.